Welcome to Sentio

Welcome. Enjoy a little Cogito and beautiful Sentio, poured from my book of tea. But before you look around, let me direct your Intentio for a few moments. Something important is about to happen.

The moment is near. A new freedom, a new paradigm for understanding what it means to be in the world is upon us. We are very close to understanding the science of consciousness, how we actuate and how we experience the world. This new understanding of consciousness will provide enormous freedom and provide us with a common purpose, our destiny as human beings will become clear.

Step back for a moment and appreciate your temporal existence and context as a fundamental part of humankind’s historical march toward greater freedom for all, from pre-Socrates till now, 2600 years. And soon you will know more about being than anyone at any time before you.

Our year is the year the one will emerge and join together as we, the year of Sentio.

We live in a tumultuous time and yet a time for great hope. We’ve begun the journey back to the truth and freedom. I wrote Sentio because I want to contribute to your march toward freedom and to our march toward greater freedom for all.

Sentio took three years to write and will always be my favorite book because it was first, and while doing research, I found inspiration and found myself falling in love with two brilliant, lovely women thinkers, Edith Stein and Simone Weil. I hope you’ll make the journey to the truth and freedom through our story about love and its connection to freedom.

Enjoy your tea.


JC Howell

JC Howell

Author JC Howell writes with a postmodern style and Romantic view exploring the nature of being, love, and freedom.

Born in America January 15, 1958, he received his undergraduate education at the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga, completed medical school in Baltimore at the University of Maryland in 1984, and finished his medical residency at the University Hospital in 1987. For most of his life, he has studied, taught, and practiced medicine. Five years ago, he began a writing career.

Sentio is his debut novel. His thread about love and its connection to greater freedom for all continues in his sequels Strange Love in America and Beyond Hedonism.