Author JC Howell

JC Howell has been a thinker all of his life and has spent most of his life in medicine, where he was informed about love, empathy, being, essence, existence, addiction, and death. He completed his undergraduate education at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and then attended the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore. He finished his medical residency at the University Hospital in 1987.

Born in 1958, he spent most of his adult life in what he calls compensated despair practicing medicine. Then something happened. Five years ago, he made a change and began a career in writing. Sentio is the first of three books, with more to come.

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Historical Novel Sentio Defies Expectations as a Romantic-Philosophical Page-Turner

Author JC Howell weaves a novel about a woman thinker who unlocks the power of sensory consciousness, empathy, and love.

Dallas, Texas— Imagine Sentio as the way to the truth and freedom — where your potential for empathy and true love reside, where sensate causality is experienced, and where the potential for semiotics remains. You are an orphan, Intentio (attention), and you’ve been imprisoned in Cogito, language-thinking existence. Sentio is your only way to the truth, love, and freedom.

Enter the world of Sentio, the beginning of a romantic-philosophical fiction series by author and physician JC Howell.

At the end of World War II, philosopher Helena Moyen has a life-changing mystical experience. She taps into the consciousness of nature, named Sentio. While experiencing the Compass of Freedom, she had a vision of freedom, a way to lead the world toward greater freedom for all, and now she must discover what she must know and do to fulfill her vision, to fulfill her true essence.

She makes this journey with her existential lover, Poulou Marcel. Their goal is to free the orphans of the world by delivering the orphans’ Intentios to Sentio so they can experience the Compass of Freedom, so they might live true essence lives.

“We live in a tumultuous time,” said the author. “And we live in a time for great hope. The truth about what we are and how we experience the world as beings of time will soon emerge. This new understanding will deliver us to the door that leads to the ultimate freedom from the misery of need and time.”

The book urges readers to test the paradigm for being and discover for themselves a new freedom inherent in Sentio consciousness, which we all possess, and then experience the power of love given freely for freedom — greater freedom for all.

The novel focuses on a strong female protagonist, who discovers the wisdom of love given for freedom and its connection to Sentio and the vision of freedom.

“I kept coming back to the writings of philosophers Edith Stein and Simone Weil,” said the author. “These two women came to the same conclusion which the great men thinkers had missed — truly inspirational and life-changing. I address their conclusion in more detail in Beyond Hedonism.”

Sentio is Howell’s debut work, but the story does not end there. The concept of love being the door to greater freedom for all gains special significance in America’s march toward freedom in its sequels Strange Love in America and Beyond Hedonism.

Sentio and its sequels can be purchased online through SDP Publishing. Connect with Howell on Instagram and Twitter.